Investors in Turkey seek to diversify their investments, by putting their capital in several areas. Many of them take the initiative to invest in houses, offices, shops, and buildable lands, and agricultural investment fields appear in front of them as well, by searching for farms for sale in Turkey prepared for agricultural investment, as an agricultural investment in Turkey is one of the successful investments, as Turkey is one of the countries that supports and develops agricultural investment and provides it with various facilities

Agriculture in Turkey is one of the most important economic resources that distinguish it from many countries of the world, whether through local or foreign investors. The large areas suitable for agriculture, the diversity and abundance of its crops, and its location in a strategic area that facilitates export operations, and in general, agricultural investment in Turkey is a guaranteed investment due to many factors

What are the advantages of agricultural investment in Turkey?

There are many advantages of agricultural investment in Turkey, and all of these advantages make agricultural investment a developing investment, and the first advantages are due to the government support itself, as Turkey is one of the countries that support agricultural investment and its development and provide it with various facilities, and among the advantages are the presence of large areas suitable for agriculture, Diversity of crops, and there are many factors that contribute to achieving many advantages for agricultural investment in Turkey, including the presence of human factors through the availability of the manpower needed for agriculture, as well as the attractive factors that do not distinguish between foreign and local investors, in addition to the factors that guarantee investors in transferring their profits, And do not forget the water factors in the availability of water sources in abundance, accompanied by climatic factors suitable for various types of agricultural crops, and the factor of the availability of various and the latest agricultural machinery, as well as pesticides and fertilizers, which makes agricultural investment in Turkey a fruitful and broad option.

Conditions for agricultural investment in Turkey

The ease of conditions for agricultural investment in Turkey is an attractive opportunity for investors in the agricultural sector, which is

Requiring agricultural investment companies to purchase agricultural land of no less than 1,000 square meters, within cities specified by the state.
Establishing a company with a capital of not less than 100,000 Turkish liras, provided that the project is registered in the name of this company.
Submit a feasibility study for five years for the agricultural project that will be established.
Providing a source of irrigation by laying water lines, or digging groundwater wells within the borders of Turkey’s farmland.
The project should be by the Agricultural Investment Law in Turkey for foreigners-
If the foreign investor participates with the local Turkish investor, this gives him the right to government support of up to 50% of the value of the project

Agricultural Investment Law in Turkey for Foreigners

The Turkish government has been keen to overcome potential obstacles to investments in the agricultural and forest products sector and has launched several laws that facilitate the way for foreign investors by giving them equal rights and opportunities with local investors. To encourage foreign investment in the agricultural sector, the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forests has established an indicative platform For those interested in agricultural investment in Turkey, given the availability of natural factors, favorable climate, fertile soil, an abundance of water, and the abundance of arable land.