import hub
It means buying goods that are not manufactured or produced locally in sufficient quantities from the countries that manufacture them or produce them extensively to satisfy the need of the local markets.

export hub
It means exporting goods that are produced or manufactured in a way that exceeds the needs of the local market to countries that suffer from a shortage of those goods

Equipment needed for an import-export company project

A special headquarters for the project and a special office for the administration –
The presence of communication devices in the office and a computer –
Secretary fluent in English due to external transactions –
A document containing the names of shipping companies in your country is available.
Availability of a bank account in euros or dollars
Company’s car
Availability of relations with the countries to be exported or imported from, even in a simple way, because it helps to complete the work.

Documents needed to establish an import and export company
Notarized lease contract

You must have a headquarters for your company, such as an office or an administrative apartment, and these headquarters should be located in an upscale area.

It is necessary to notarize the lease contract because it is necessary for the next licensing steps-

Tax card-

The tax card is obtained from the tax office responsible for the region in which the company is located, and you need to extract it to the following documents

Original and copy of the ID card
Notarized rental contract and a copy of it
Once the application is submitted, you will receive a receipt that can be used until the tax card is received 14 days after the date of submission

Registration in the Chamber of Commerce

Registering the company in the Chamber of Commerce is a necessary step in the process of licensing any company, and this step can be accomplished by going to the nearest Chamber of Commerce with the following documents with you

Tax Number –
passport –

lease –

Registration in the commercial register

After completing the previous steps, you can go to the commercial registry building and apply for the issuance of your commercial registry, and the necessary documents are:

The original tax card plus two copies of it –
The original ID card and two copies of it
Chamber of Commerce registration certificate

A current account in a Turkish bank

You can go to a government or private bank to open a bank account in the local currency, dollars, euros, or the currency you wish to deal in, and you must have the following documents with you

personal ID-
Commercial Record –
tax number –
After completing all the above-mentioned steps, you will have obtained the necessary licenses to establish an import and export company, and thus you have the right to import or export the authorized goods

How to import goods
First: Planning the import process

Before embarking on any work, it must be planned to be carried out correctly, as well as the import of goods, which need good planning to be carried out correctly.
Here’s how the planning process steps

A- Select products

The products required for import must be carefully selected, are the clothes, toys, or electronic devices? What is the required quantity? What is the required quality level? What are the materials from which these products are made? designs? Also, attention should be paid to the overall pricing (product price + shipping price + customs and tax costs + transportation and storage price). Of course, all these things are determined after studying the market and knowing its needs and prices

b- Prices in the local market

You must be fully aware of the prices of the goods you want to import in the local markets, and here I am talking about the wholesale price for retailers and the retail price for the end customers, in this way you can calculate your profit margin before you take one step in the import process

C- Customs laws and standards

The importer must be familiar with the customs laws and standards so as not to be subject to fines and possibly the seizure of the shipment and the loss of his money. For example, he must be aware of the goods whose import is prohibited, and he must also be aware of the updates of customs tariffs and tax rates imposed on the goods he wants to import, He must also have all papers and documents related to incoming shipments such as (certificates of origin, packing lists, packing, invoices, statements).

To gain knowledge about these matters, it is possible to view the website of the Customs Authority and benefit from its content. It is also possible to talk electronically and in the field with workers in the field of customs clearance before starting the import process.

D- Selling and distributing

Before you import goods, you must know how to sell and distribute those goods, so it is necessary to carefully identify your target customers to know their needs for goods and thus not find difficulties when importing and distributing

And for the record, many importers agree with the target customers on certain quantities and when they import, they sell to them directly, meaning that the sale process takes place before the import process

E – the capital allocated to import

The prevailing belief among the general public and newcomers wishing to enter the field of import and export is that whoever owns an amount ranging from 10 to 20 thousand dollars, can import a container of a specific commodity and sell it to achieve profits estimated at least 50%.

This understanding is completely wrong because the import process needs continuity and a continuous cycle of containers. Perhaps you import the first container and distribute it to merchants, and some of them buy from you in cash and the other in installments.

While it is not possible to import the second container unless you have the financial ability to cover the price of this container, you must be aware that you will not get the gains that you planned in the beginning until after importing at least 5 to 6 containers, and then you will see the gains in the form of debts to you At merchants, goods in your stores, and a balance in your bank account