Importing from Turkey was and still is a gateway to getting rich. Many importers around the world were and still buy different products from Turkey, where they are of high quality and reasonable prices, to sell them later in the local markets, achieving a lot of financial gains, but what does Turkey import?

Turkey imports machinery, chemicals, refined petroleum, transportation equipment, and iron waste. Its imports from China are 12%. It also imports about 10.3% from Germany, 9.9% from Russia, 5.4% from the United States of America, and 5.1 % of Italy, and the value of Turkey’s imports is higher than the value of exports, and therefore it is one of the most economically complex countries, as the economic complexity index reaches 0.391
Import and export business from Turkey was and still is a door to achieving wealth, as many importers in different parts of the world were and still buy different products from Turkey, with high quality and reasonable prices, to sell them in the local markets, achieving a lot of financial gains.
You too can join this wealthy category and import what the local markets need and then sell and profit, it is a simple business but you buy from the best place instead of the closest place
If you want to travel on your own to Turkey to examine your goods and inspect them there, you must provide all the required papers and documents, including residence in Turkey, the use of experts in commercial transactions and markets, visiting factories and various companies, and what is the best factory that you can deal with and trust, and what are the places of residence in Turkey During the period of import and work
At first glance, it may seem to you that you need a large capital to work in the field of import and export, but you can start your project with only enough capital to start your business and then expand your activity after studying the market better and deeper through your experience and gathering information so that you can get offers Importing from Turkey at the lowest possible expenses

There are some things to consider when starting to import from Turkey

You must take into account the product quality standards and their conformity with the specified specifications and their freedom from quality manipulation by some companies and factories to ensure a good presence in the target market.
Also, one of the very important things that some may overlook is not mentioning the country of origin or the source of origin, which leads to the rejection of your goods at customs and you will be charged with a fine, so it is necessary to pay close attention to this matter, if your goods were manufactured in Turkey, there must be the phrase “Made in Turkey to avoid any problems or sanctions

Import Terms and the most important papers required to import from Turkey

-The client must have a commercial or industrial registry.
-A commercial invoice certified by the authority responsible for trade in the exporting country.
-Import document or import card
-A general authorization is certified by the Chamber of Commerce or Industry for the customs clearance company.