About exporting to Turkey

The Turkish market is always witnessing a boom in export and import operations, and this has encouraged many investors to establish companies to carry out the import and export process easily and obtain a high percentage of profits, as Turkey is considered the first city in the world in interest in export and import operations and through which all can be obtained products, but they also need some goods and products that are difficult for them to offer to people.
These businesses are represented in crops, some oils, dates, and many other special requirements that are required of everyone. There are some laws and conditions that must be known to carry out the export and import process easily, as the individual can appoint a company affiliated to any city from which he is imported and pay everything You want it from the import tax in Turkey and its power of attorney to bring the required product while paying the required price, and from here the export process is simple.

There is a set of papers that must be available for the process of exporting to Turkey to be carried out easily and without being subjected to any penalties at all, and these papers are as follows
-The commercial invoice is the invoice on which the purchase was made.
-The invoice must include the place of origin of the product being exported, with the necessity of having a certificate of origin.
-All papers related to the bill of lading should be prepared.
-All product packing regulations must be provided-
-The necessity of having fumigation certificates for wood products.
It is taken into account to provide quality certificates, which are one of the papers that are required in some countries, but not all.
These papers are the essential element in the export process because no shipment can be entered without official documents

How to export from Turkey

You can do the import and export process to and from Turkey through the Internet, and this method is one of the very safe ways and is the most economical at all, and the company must be taken into account because most companies offer double prices to buyers through the Internet, but several reliable electronic companies It helps in the export process easily, and all you have to do is prepare and prepare all the supplies you need

The method of exporting through an intermediary

This method is one of the ways through which all the products you want are obtained, but through an intermediary, in the city from which you will make the purchase, and in return you will pay the money, but this gives you a lot of conveniences and you will get the product you need with all Ease and without any fatigue at all, and the median percentage is about 20% of the amount paid in the product you want