Turkey’s strategic location, which connects Europe and Asia, is a strong point that makes investors’ attention mostly to it, in addition to its other features that make investors prefer it. If you work in the medical field or are related to trading and investing in medical materials and supplies, then this article is directed to you.

We will dedicate this article to talk about a special branch of medical supplies, namely:

dental equipment
Dear investor, we show you the most important medical companies in Turkey that distribute and produce these types of equipment:

Company: Metco Dental

This company has been working in this field for 30 years in Turkey.

Metco Dental Products:

The brand of this company provides consumables for dental clinics, imaging equipment, sterilization, and endodontic devices.
In this company, you can also find, dear investor, Morita dental units that are more than 100 years old, in addition to many panoramic and volumetric digital tomography devices, endodontic micromotors, as well as German Ritter products.
The company also provides you, dear investor, with dental laser devices, which provide an ideal solution for hard tissue and soft tissue applications through the high-tech Erbium YAG Laser technology. 4- Dental turbines and their heads: Dear investor, you can find wireless LED light therapy devices and various ventilation heads in the dental heads and turbines category. 5 – Dental Compressors: Metco Dental is the world’s most preferred distributor of oil-free, compact compressors and surgical suction devices. . 6- Other Surgical Devices: The XO brand Odontosurge is designed in this category for soft tissue dental surgery.
: onurdental

This company was established in 1998 in Turkey.

Onurdental is the first and only domestic manufacturer of manual dental surgical instruments in Turkey.

The company provides dental materials products to doctors, clinics, and hospitals in every province of Turkey, including:

Disposables and clinical devices
dental white phosphorous
Dental sanitizers
dental implant tools
: Öncü Dental

The company was established in January 2001 to work in the dental materials sector.

The company started its main activity in the Fındıkzade district.

The company produces the following materials:

1- Dental anesthetics.

2- Reconstructive and cosmetic materials for crowns and bridges.

3- Endodontic materials.

: Denli Innovation Ltd

It is a company specialized in research and development in the field of dentistry.

Founded in Mersin in 2013.

The company designs and manufactures innovative and patented products for the dental industry.

One of the company’s important products is the fluorine spoon designed for preventive dentistry, which contains fluorine gel in the lowest possible dose and in the most effective way.

Fifth company: coldent Colddent Dental Products Company VE TIC

The company produces dental consumables and products used in dentistry and laboratories.


The company is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

It is a manufacturer and producer of dental products.

The company operates in the dental laboratories sector and manufactures ceramic and porcelain materials for dental uses.


The head office of the company is located in Istanbul.

It is a company engaged in the manufacture of dental products, which is related to the sector of endodontics.

Idex Dental Exhibition:

Fortunately for you, dear investor, there is a very important upcoming exhibition that will be held in Istanbul, which is IDEX, which is the only international exhibition in the field of oral and dental health.

This exhibition will be held in its seventeenth session at the Istanbul Expo Center between May 26 and 29, 2022 in an area of ​​35,000 square meters, with the participation of more than 1,000 brands this year.

The fair will host procurement committees from 80 countries including Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Commonwealth of the Independent States, and the Balkans.

More than 30,000 local and foreign investors are expected to attend the exhibition.

It may interest you, dear investor, to know the trading volume achieved by this exhibition, which amounted to 150 million dollars last year.

Many specialists in the field of dental materials investment as well as faculty members of dental faculties from many cities of Turkey, oral health centers, hospital administrators as well as representatives of organizations from many countries around the world will visit this exhibition.

The latest technologies in the field of dentistry will be discussed at IDEX Istanbul.

We welcome you at any time, dear investor, and we provide you with all the required information about the steps for importing dental equipment from A to Z. We hope that we have provided you in this article with an adequate idea of ​​the most important companies involved in providing dental materials and equipment in Turkey.