Customer satisfaction is the level of satisfication of purchaser with a product or service provided by a company, or with the company itself.
When talking about the key objectives of customer satisfaction, these objectives can be divided into three main groups.
The first group is purchase satisfaction, which includes how well the product or service itself is, and whether the product or service meets customers’ expectations and perceptions of it.
The second group is satisfaction with the process itself, and this group includes things like ease of procurement, customer service, and ensure interactions after purchase.
The third set of key customer satisfaction objectives is the degree to which satisfaction levels influence future actions, such as recommending a product, suggesting it to friends and family, or buying again from the same company.
It is noteworthy that companies pay great attention to acertain the satisfication of the customer with the performance of the product or the quality of the service it provides- with the latter affecting future purchasing decisions.
In fact, quality may be the most important among the main objectives of customer satisfaction because it is virtually impossible to overcome the consequences of a poorly performing service or a bad product.
Companies often conduct extensive market research and product testing to ensure that the product or service meets the customer’s needs and expectations as much as possible.
Whether the product purchased is a tangible item or an intangible item, quality is important, and if the customer feels that the product is not working as expected, or that the product is unsafe, difficult to use, or not worth the price, they will not be satisfied with it. Here we would like to point out that misleading advertisements that raise customer expectations beyond the product capacity can also lead to customer dissatisfaction.
Satisfaction with the process itself is also important in setting key customer satisfaction objectives. When a customer is dissatisfied with the purchasing process may go to a competitor next time, even if he is satisfied with the performance of the product itself.
The purchasing process includes all procedures involved in researching and purchasing the product and solving post-purchase issues.
It is also important for buyers to feel that the buying process is easy, which is why online and phone ordering systems must be available and user friendly.

Likewise, the retail locations must be well qualified to deal with the customer, and this includes the polite satff behavior with the customer and the full readiness to help as needed.
Discussing key customer satisfaction objectives should also include the influence on future behavior. A customer, who found comfort during and after the purchase process, and who found high quality in the product or service will come over later to make future purchases and may recommend the product or service to others.
All of this works to grow the company’s customer base and contributes to building long-term relationships with them.