Furniture is the essential piece that no house is without, and buying furniture has always been a crucial stage and an idea that arouses enthusiasm, the stage of buying furniture means that you are in the last stage and you are nearing completion and you have the final touches in the furnishing to receive the property you own or work on to enjoy the stay, or for others to enjoy If you have reached that stage now and are preparing to furnish your property, let me tell you that Turkish furniture is one of the best furniture and there are the best companies and the best Turkish furniture factories that make it:

Where to sell furniture in Turkey:

Istanbul has a number of open markets, and among the distinguished markets are the furniture markets. Although Istanbul enjoys furniture in the Ottoman style and style, you will find modern furniture influenced by Scandinavian art. Interior designers in Turkey excelled in creating a new distinctive shape and style.

We can get acquainted with the most important stores for selling Turkish furniture that is very popular in Istanbul:

Shop 333km:
In Karaköy district, which was established by the designer Deniz Duru, combines the German, French, and Ottoman styles, solid wood furniture, one of the most famous luxury furniture stores in Istanbul, characterized by the high artistic taste that combines luxury and simplicity, the place is characterized by selling everything related to the modern home. Address: 333km, Kemankeş Caddesi, Fransız Geçidi İş Merkezi No.53/C4, Karaköy, Istanbul, Turkey.

Shop Hamm:
The store combines the traditional hand-made style with the modern style of design. It is characterized by making furniture from natural wood. There are the finest types of wood, marble, copper fixtures, unique lighting methods, ceramic pieces, and parquet wood panels designed by the most skilled designers in Turkey. It is the site of a well-known Turkish online furniture site. Address: Hamm, Boğazkesen Caddesi No.71/A, Tophane, Istanbul, Turkey, .

Stoa Design Store:
It combines the Turkish taste and the French taste. It uses metal wood materials beside artifacts and distinctive furniture that is characterized by sophistication, simplicity, and comfort. Most of the furniture is made of oak and walnut wood. The store tends to sell furniture made of natural materials, silk, and cotton textiles. It is considered one of the online furniture purchase sites with prices cheap. Address: Stoa Design, Hayriye Caddesi No.18/1, Galatasaray, Istanbul, Turkey. :
Dank Store! Design
Offers a wide range of unique modern furniture, by local and international designers. It provides distinctive options for the interior design of the home that combines the styles of luxury, simplicity, and joy. Turkish Furniture 2019 offers designs in which the designs are characterized by a simple, traditional style that is far from expensive, and the prices are reasonable. Address: Dank! Design, Cayır Caddesi, Carrefoursa Otoparkı, Hangar Binası No.4, İstinye, Istanbul, Turkey, and website: from here.
The Turkish city of Masco for furniture:
Planning for the establishment of MASCO with special funding support began on June 21, 1987. After providing government support under the auspices of the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Trade, MASCO was opened for business. Masco is an acronym for the Turkish title for the district “Management of Furniture and Wood Production Site in Istanbul”.
Masco is located in the famous Başakşehir district of Istanbul. It is characterized by ease and availability of transportation to it. It contains more than 778 companies and factories producing all kinds of Turkish classic and modern furniture related to all fields with the finest images. And we can say why Turkish furniture? Here are 5 reasons why:
First: The great diversity in the Turkish market
The furniture industry flourished and developed and met with a remarkable global demand, and there is no doubt that Turkish furniture occupies a great international position. Turkish furniture ranked third in the world in the international ranking of manufacturing industries in terms of production volume and quality, and this position resulted in a huge diversity in quality, the global turnout Turkish furniture manufacturers were forced to compete with each other to offer the best offers.
And competing to manufacture different and distinct types of furniture to satisfy the tastes of consumers across the world. Diversity and development in the Turkish furniture market have led to the establishment of entire cities for furniture production, containing contemporary and classic brands and pieces of furniture, which have proven their position well in the global market and their furniture has won prestigious international awards.

Second: modern and elegant designs
Thanks to the reputation of Turkish furniture globally, furniture manufacturers had to be up to the challenge, and Turkish furniture manufacturers began contracting with a large number of international furniture designers to provide a unique, modern, and elegant assortment of furniture to the public that suits the modern lifestyle, and meets the needs and tastes of all customers.
Where designers scramble to provide amazing designs with creative ideas and amazing colors, the modern and elegant designs of Turkish furniture encouraged international companies to open the doors of their stores for Turkish furniture, and made consumers trust more of the Turkish taste in the furniture industry. The volume of Turkish exports of furniture and furnishings in 2015 reached more than Two billion three hundred and fifty million US dollars, and Turkish furniture has been exported to 200 countries, these figures are clear evidence that Turkish furniture is steadily excelling in the global market.
Third: Quality and Warranty
Furniture affects the comfort and health of consumers, it is necessary for one to acquire furniture to feel more comfortable in the place in which he lives, but those elegant furnishings that make your home, office, or any other place suitable for a living must be characterized by quality and guarantee, and Turkish furniture is characterized by its high quality that It meets international standards, as Turkish furniture manufacturers focus on manufacturing furniture that is strong, durable and long-lasting, by choosing materials, materials, and colors that stand in the face of time factors, and last for many years to keep the furniture in its best condition, and to maintain its original appearance.

Wonderful despite the passage of time.
Fourth: the right price
Turkish furnishings are characterized by their influence on the cultural and civilizational diversity in Turkey, but the beauty, originality, and luxury of modern or traditional designs in Turkish furnishings are also matched by great price competition. You can get different artistic styles and quality in designs for reasonable prices, and many believe that the price affects On quality, Turkish furniture has solved the difficult equation (prices and quality). So far, the global market still gets the best and most luxurious types of furniture at competitive prices thanks to the Turkish furniture market.
Fifth: Turkish openness to global markets
In recent years, Turkey has opened up to the global and Arab markets in particular, after its emergence as a fast-growing economic force, which had a significant and positive impact on the movement of tourism, easy investment, import and export projects, and because the Turkish furniture industry has become famous in international platforms and exhibitions of furniture, and has become one of the largest driving forces Beyond the Turkish economy, importers and investors have benefited from customs facilities, tariff reductions, etc., which encouraged them to buy Turkish furniture.
Turkish furniture is the best option that complements the beauty of your surroundings, adds a touch of beauty around you, and gives you the quality, guarantee, and level of comfort you expect to enjoy the place you will furnish if you are planning to furnish your property, Furniture Solutions Company in Istanbul will be with you step by step to starting your journey Furnishing, by advising you, and putting its professionalism and long experience in the Turkish market in your hands, to help you select the finest luxury furnishings in the Turkish furniture market at the most appropriate price, and will also provide shipping services for these furnishings to you, wherever your home is.